Givin' Back Giveaway Sign-Up Form

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Submission Guidelines

To participate in the Givin’ Back Giveaway I kindly ask that you purchase a minimum of one full-price tee. If on the other hand you’d like to purchase a tee without submitting a story please feel free, in fact I urge you to do so, because your purchase ups the total of the Givin’ Back Giveaway by five bucks. So kudos to you for rockin’ one of our tees. 

All participants must be at least 19 years of age, legal U.S. residents and have been working consistently at their chosen endeavor for approximately 90 days or longer.

If you'd like to contribute a story on behalf of someone other than yourself, awesome, I'll count on you to do your best to articulate the particulars. Just keep in mind that the Givin' Back Giveaway operates purely on a "take you at your word" principle, thereby the story you submit, be it yours or that of someone else, while candid and compelling should also be truthful and accurate. Never embellish or fabricate a story. If for any reason it’s determined your story falls short you’ll receive a subsequent email as to why. Note: reserves the right to refuse any and all submissions.

Any vendor(s) listed on the sign-up form must offer email gift cards via their website, be U.S. based, and be specific to your story's needs and wishes, e.g., if your thing is running and you're in need of a new pair of running shoes you might list a sporting goods store in your area. If you've been honing your woodworking skills and could use a palm router for your next project you could list a local hardware store or home center. Cash, Amazon, prepaid Visa or other similar type credit cards will not be issued.

By clicking Submit (I the entrant and/or submitter) acknowledge I have read, agree to, and consent to the Givin’ Back Giveaway Methods of Operation, the Submission Guidelines and the Official Rules and Regs, as well as, to the Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy provided on this website.

Official Rules & Regs

To take part in the Givin’ Back Giveaway you must be 19 years of age or older. If you submit a story on behalf of someone else they too must be a minimum of 19 years of age. All entrants must be legal U.S. residents. All submissions must be written in English.

All entrants must be actively working at their chosen endeavor and have been doing so on a consistent basis for approximately 90 days or longer.

Prior to submitting your story you must purchase a minimum of one full-price tee. Your order info will be your proof of purchase.

When your story is received it'll be allotted a numbered ticket. That ticket will then be placed into a brown paper lunch bag along with the others. Primitive I know, but functional. Once we hit 25 tees sold a ticket will be randomly selected by hand from the well-shaken paper bag, at which point the story will be posted for all to enjoy on and Instagram. An email gift card will then be promptly sent via email to the entrant's name and email provided on the sign-up form. 

Note: email gift cards may arrive in multiple denominations if allocated amount is not availible through vendor, i.e., allocated amount due entrant $125, email gift cards issued $100 plus $25. Also in the event the exact dollar amount due entrant is unavailable through vendor the next higher dollar amount will be issued, i.e., allocated amount due entrant $140, available email gift card denominations through vendor, $100, $50 and $25. Amount issued to entrant $150.

The subsequent round will begin immediately, and will continue through the end of the current calendar month. If less than 25 tees are sold by the end of that month we will extend that round until the end of the following month or for however many months it takes to hit 25 tees. Once 25 tees have been sold, rather than stop mid-month, we’ll continue to tally sales for that round until the end of the coinciding calendar month. So for instance, if a total of 28 tees are sold by month’s end a $140 email gift card will be issued (28 tees @ $5). 

Moving forward, all ensuing rounds will commence on the first day of each month and end on the last day of each month. Email gift card dollar amounts are based on each month’s sales, i.e., 50 tees $250, 100 tees $500, and so on and so forth. But again, in order for an email gift card to be issued a minimum of 25 tees must be sold within that months’ time. If and when the 25 tee minimum isn’t met during a particular month the round will continue to the last day of the following month(s) and begin anew on the first day of the month thereafter. 

Each round, after one story/ticket is randomly selected from the bag, one "new" story/ticket will be tossed into the bag. Each new story/ticket will be added based solely on the order it was originally received. The minimum number of stories/tickets required to initiate a round is 1, because remember, tees purchased without submitting a story also count toward total tees sold. The maximum number of stories/tickets in the bag at any given time will be 12. This increases the chance of one's name being drawn.

In the event that we receive a high volume of stories I will contact you via email when your story/ticket is "in the bag." 

No cash will be offered. No prepaid Visa or other similar type credit cards will be issued. Amazon is not an option. Only email gift cards will be issued and they must be exclusively for those vendors noted on your sign-up form, which again, must be U.S. based, offer email gift cards via their website and be specific to the needs and/or wishes expressed in your story.

As part of the Givin’ Back Giveaway we must ask you your name and email address. This allows us the means to notify you if needed. By taking part you consent to the collection and use of this information by

And no, we never ever sell, trade, or rent your personal information.

If deemed necessary reserves the right to refuse any and all submissions.


How often may I submit a story? If you've already submitted a story that hasn't yet been posted you needn't re-submit. Once your story/ticket has been randomly selected, posted, and you've received your email gift card your story is no longer eligible, so you may submit again anytime thereafter. 

For additional questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact me anytime via the Contact Page.