Unlike the more popular information laden self-help highway, the route we’ll be traveling here in ConsistenSee What Happens steers clear of any instruction or advice, and instead, weaves in and around a series of emotional milestones.

Why? Because this is the road I took. 

During the course of approximately four and a half years of daily dedication these are the milestones I hit and the emotions I felt, and I’m sharing them with you now because I wholeheartedly believe that when it comes to personal growth and achievement if there’s one thing well worth sharing it’s not so much what it takes…it’s how it feels.

So if you’ve ever entertained the romantic (or perhaps daunting) notion of venturing down this road yourself, if you’ve ever held it in your heart to do something deeply rewarding, then consider this a test drive, a sort of guided tour, one I sincerely hope will encourage you to take the wheel, to stay the course, and to see for yourself…what happens.

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