Obstacle Illusion: Clearly not All Things are Always as they Appear to Be

So you’re on your daily commute to or from work...traffic sucks.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could reach back and grab that faded beach towel draped across the rear seat, knot it up around your neck and then make like Superman?

Or maybe plug a portable version of the transporter used on the USS Enterprise into an unoccupied USB port and beam yourself up and over this snafu.

Or, simply do like Vavoom.

Va who?

Vavoom, Felix the Cat’s Inuk sidekick who with his earth-shattering shriek could blast through anything standing in his way.

Whether you’re a nine to fiver stuck in rush hour traffic or a wild-eyed visionary on a dauntless quest to find your life purpose, there’ll inevitably come those times when the shortest distance between point A and point (where you’d like to) B is anything but a direct route, and instead a meandering maze of transitions and detours.

Simply put, there’ll be obstacles.


Yep, obstacle, not a word you want to hear when desperately trying to get somewhere.

Nor for that matter is it one favorably looked upon within the Personal Growth and Achievement industry.

Go ahead, rummage through the PG&A archives and you’ll no doubt come across much more appealing parallelisms such as:

“Don’t look at it as an obstacle―view it as an opportunity.”

Or “Don’t think of it as an obstacle―consider it a challenge.”

Gimme a friggin’ break.

Obstacles are called obstacles for reason. They’re annoying, they’re frustrating, they slow your roll, steal your enthusiasm and if not taken at face value can stop you dead in your tracks.

The simple truth is every day you and I have the opportunity to do some pretty amazing shit, yet if we turn our backs on these opportunities, that’s no obstacle.

That’s a choice.

Every day life challenges us to be the very best we can be, but if we repeatedly neglect these challenges, that’s no obstacle.

Again, that’s a choice.

Every day, regardless of circumstance, we all have choices, and by and large it’s these choices that'll likely determine the quality of our day.

Not to mention, the fate of one's future.

I guess that’s why I can’t help wonder, why the obsessive aversion to obstacles?

Why try and make them out to be something they’re not?

Why not call a spade a spade? After all they’re not the governing factor here.

This isn’t about them.

“There’s nothing in your way, never was” - unknown

Okay that might sound like a bit of a stretch when you’re stuck behind a 40’ toy hauler on a two-lane road, but when it comes to your everyday hopes and dreams there is a certain amount of credibility to this assertion.

Mark Twain put it this way,

“I’ve been through a lot of tough times in my life, some of which actually happened.”

Suffice it to say we can all let our imagination get the better of us at times. Yet make no mistake, obstacles are the real deal and pussyfooting around that fact won’t make them any less so.

Ah, but fear not, because like any other fiendish affliction, obstacles can be overcome.

Steady progress can be made.

It takes work.

It takes time.

It takes testicle fortitude.

It takes - good judgment.

Self-help 101? Agreed. But it’s also something I’ve come to know firsthand.

I kid you not when I say I’ve left behind a boneyard of bonehead decisions in my day, and looking back, what I’ve learned is that in comparison to foolish choices obstacles are little more than bumps in the road.

Making the right choices whenever possible, as often as possible, that’s the real challenge.

That’s your opportunity to truly shine.

Obstacles, opportunities, challenges, feel free to call ’em what you like.

At the end of the day the choice is yours, you can either cast ’em aside and suffer the consequences, or you can strap on that cape and start movin’ mountains.

See ya soon, till then, keeep it up.

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